In a lifetime spent doing manual labor, no one can deny that welder Mark A. Murray struggled and suffered. He battled through-addiction, relationship problems, faith, and things that caused him to suffer. Years of counseling, therapy, and Bible studies helped Mark find some answers. Why is his story-a story worth sharing. A wonderful book about overcoming struggles that everyone can relate and learn from.

Mark Murray is a master welder that has been in the business for almost 40 years. He runs his own business in Fort Collins, Colorado. Aside from welding, he used to be a part of a pit crew for an INDY car team and was part of the Wellinton Volunteer Fire Department. Why is Murray’s first foray into publishing but is also currently working on follow-ups to his first release.



WHY by Mark Murray – Official Rushmore Pictures Entry to Film Festivals

Why? by Mark the Welder – Review by HeyitsCarlyRae

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