Cheryln Cadle lives in the midwest with her husband of 48 years, She has worked in Marketing most of her career however, spent the last 16 years as a fundraiser. She loves true crime and has followed many cases. She has been contacted by inmates at different prisons asking her to tell their story. She is looking forward to bringing those stories to her readers soon.

The Murders of Christopher Watts
ISBN-10 : 1954345194
ISBN-13 : 978-1954345195


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It is currently one of our best selling and highly-reviewed books. Some of the reviews include “Man I got sucked into this book for hours. I went through many emotions. This was very good insight into this whole story and explained so much,” and “Grandmotherly author Cadle has produced a book which other more polished authors probably will never equal, through authorized, written exchanges with Watts, accompanied by accounts of face-to-face conversations in the prison visitor lounge.” The new details she provided in this book is also what led to the Netflix adaptation.


Watts Family Murder Gains More Attention Due to Cherlyn Cadle’s Book

On August 13, 2018, Shanann, Celle, and CeCe Watts were brutally murdered. When the husband and father, Christopher Watts was initially questioned by police, he said he didn’t know where his wife and his daughters were. Eventually, he fessed up to the murders on Aug. 15, 2018. Watts pleaded guilty to all the murders and is currently serving five-lifetime prison sentences without any possibility of parole.

Cherlyn Cadle corresponded with Watts in prison, to which he revealed the methods of how he murdered his family. She compiled the letters and published them all in her book, The Murders of Christopher Watts. Although her first book was explosive, this second one contains more details about the murders and also contains actual letters Christopher himself sent to Cadle.

Other pertinent details the new book exposes include transcripts of his confessions in court and law enforcement interviews. Publishing the book ultimately led to a documentary special on Netflix entitled American Murder: The Family Next Door.

True crime readers should definitely give this book a read because it has all the elements of a classic crime thriller, such as an unlikely murderer, shocking motive, conflicting testimonies, and an equally unlikely narrator. The Murders of Christopher Watts is now available on Amazon.

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