Who says your literary journey ends after publishing your book? Why limit to just publishing when you can see your work on the big screen? These days, there are more avenues for aspiring writers to get their stories and ideas turned into movies.

But all that starts by getting the attention of the right people in the entertainment industry. With the help of the right literary agent, your Hollywood dreams would come true sooner than you think. All it takes is to make a book trailer. The Rushmore Pictures Book Trailer Marketing Service provides this service to authors who want to adapt their books into films eventually.

The trailer lasts between 30 seconds to 1 minute, which is just enough time to visualize the premise of your book. It’ll also give producers and directors an idea of what the film adaptation would look like. And we’d put out all the stops to make a quality trailer for your book, that way it attracts attention from the right people.

Take advantage of this service so you can your work in theaters sooner than you think.

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