“My experience with Rushmore press was very relational. They were very specific and straight to the point. i enjoyed working with them and so I recommend them for all authors. Thanks to Adrian and Daryl; with
their support my 8 books have come alive.”
– Mame Yaa

“Working with Rushmore Press has been an exhilarating experience throughout. Not only they will set extraordinary teams in place to support the author in every phase of publication but they also motivate the writer continuously to ensure the best possible outcome both in creativity and in literary value. As an international author living outside the US, I look forward to publishing many more books with Rushmore Press professionals. ”
– Piero Morosini

“I have published a book with Rushmore Press called My Delusional World. I am extremely happy with their work. The design of the book is excellent. The cover is superbly done. As for getting in touch with them when I needed to talk, they answered my queries as promptly as possible.

I would especially like to thank Richard Shaw, a literary agent, for working with me to get this done. He really knows what he’s doing and made publishing the book such a fun and worthwhile experience.”
– Sajit Abraham

“I am pleased with their professionalism, efficiency and results. I am convinced with their knowledge and transparency. Rushmore Press staff have talent and can really make a huge difference.”
– Dr. Baburao Doddapaneni

“Words cannot accurately express the appreciation and thankfulness I feel for the existence of Rushmore press. I am in awe of the way in which we, Rushmore press, and myself, have this magnificent and cooperative relationship. The perfection of Rushmore press, is just that, and more.

Thank you richly Richard Shaw, and all of Rushmore press.”
– Michael Oele

“Big thanks to Daryl at R.P. for walking me through the contract ideas. I signed today for a two-book deal, and I have six more to negotiate!”
– Mitchell Lopate

“I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to the staff of Rushmore Press. All the staff I dealt with shoved to be very pleasant people who believed in me and my work. My most gratitude goes to Daryl Hayes, the publication manager who encouraged me all the way.”
– M. J. Zitnansky

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