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“My testimony, This is my second book. I cannot believe how much smoother this process has been with Rushmore. Everyone is so nice and helpful. No matter what my questions have been they quickly get back with me. When Publishing a book there is a level of anxiety, but Rushmore always gave me answers and reassured me, but most importantly did what they said they would do.

My book is just beautiful! High quality. I’ve had many of my readers comment how they love the feel of my book. Which has been the reason many want to spend a few extra dollars and purchase the hardcover. The way Rushmore promotes me and my book has been the best. I am so pleased I went with Rushmore, for an affordable, and high quality book I can be proud of. They also do a great job on getting the word out and promoting my book.”
– Cheryln Cadle

Dawn Menge“Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series has won forty-one International literary awards including the Special Recognition Champion Award from the Conquering Disabilities through film festival. I have been extremely happy with Rushmore Press since I transferred my series last year. I have found their production team to be encouraging, patient, and very professional. The promotional department has helped to gain world-wide exposure for the series and seeing the media reports gains validity to my decision to transfer my series. I have been so pleased that I have published three more books this year through Rushmore Press and very much enjoy receiving my Royalty checks each quarter. We were all very excited to be attending the BookCon festival last year in Times Square in New York City and hope that things are better so we can attend this summer. I have recommended Rushmore Press to several other authors and am pleased to see their books and names included on the Rushmore websites.”
– Dr. Dawn Menge

“This testimonial is to show appreciation to Rushmore Press for all the help I am receiving with my Book Project titled “WHY.” We are also doing a film project based on the book in order to attract publicity for the book and myself as to help me break into the writing world. I have been self-employed as Mark the Welder for many years and find I have a calling to write. I found the publishing part of writing to be the most difficult thing to accomplish due to the many self-publishing scammers that are operating through out the country. I have been through three other publishing companies in the last couple of years before Rushmore Press saved me. I am truly feeling blessed for the opportunity of working with Rushmore Press now and in the future on the several different projects I have in mind on my adventure in becoming an author. Therefore, I highly recommend Rushmore Press to anyone along with saying Thank You Rushmore Press for all you do.”
– Mark the Welder

Tracy Jones“Since I’ve been with the Rushmore company I’ve had nothing but a positive experience. They have been speedy with production and always available when I had any questions or concerns. The management and production team made sure that my book and the cover was well put together well before production. Awesome group to work with!”
– Tracy Jones

“I am pleased with their professionalism, efficiency and results. I am convinced with their knowledge and transparency. Rushmore Press staff have talent and can really make a huge difference.”
– Dr. Baburao Doddapaneni

“Working with Rushmore Press has been an exhilarating experience throughout. Not only they will set extraordinary teams in place to support the author in every phase of publication but they also motivate the writer continuously to ensure the best possible outcome both in creativity and in literary value. As an international author living outside the US, I look forward to publishing many more books with Rushmore Press professionals. ”
– Piero Morosini

“My book was previously published by a self-publishing company. A review by Rushmore Press made clear that my book did not meet industry standards. It was overpriced, in need of proofreading and redesign of both the cover and interior.

Thanks to the great work of Daryl Hayes and Khloe Smith, my republished book Cookie Crumbs – An Autobidography, is now marketable and available for purchase by the reading public.

Thanks to everyone at Rushmore Press!”
– Ken Smith


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